That’s right motherlovers, Jackson’s back

Peoples of the Internet, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States. By the time I was fourteen I had outlived my entire family. My body holds more bullets than your gun. I survived assassination attempts, wars, duels and the death of the only woman I ever loved. My friends call me Ol’ Hickory and my enemies call me Sharp Knife, partly because saying my actual name three times consecutively summons my ghost and partly because I’m just, like, a goddamn badass.

Now, everyone knows I throw an awesome party. We’re talking tubs of alcoholic punch on the White House lawn awesome. Some of you out there may even be attending a party I started back in the 19th century; the Democratic party. Yeah, I started that. And I’m the reason the Democratic party’s symbol is a jackass. Now, I’ve been on a long hiatus from the party scene but I think it’s time to get my balls rolling again and I’m kicking it off with A WHOLE F***ING ROCK SHOW. YEAH. WITH GUITARS AND SHIT. You’re welcome.

I was gonna base the whole thing on how much the Nullification Crisis sucked balls, but then my wife, Rachel, was like, “Andrew, no one gives a shit about politics anymore. All they want is entertainment. And if you say balls in front of the public I am going to kick you in the neck in your sleep.” I’m working on rewrites but I’m either gonna call it Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson or Must Love Dogs. There’s gonna be a band, The Dukes are Dead, and a lot of blood and maybe a librarian and Rachel says she wants to be in it too so there’s that.

I gotta be honest with you, folks. I’m broke right now. The truth is, I came back here to kick ass and raise money and I’m all out of ass. Literally, I’ve kicked everyone’s ass ever. Everyone. Think about that, then stop thinking about it and give me some money. I’ll accept barter too; weasel furs, lumber, large plots of arable land that don’t belong to you, old vinyl, Three Musketeers bars (bite size only please), used jacuzzi water, Slap Chops, coffins, Pogs, DO NOT SEND ANY MORE F*CKING TUPPERWARE, FOR THE LOVE OF F*CK. You can donate money to supply the band with booze food here.

More posts to come soon. Just figured out how Youtube works. Does anyone else hate Vevo?


AJ and Rachel


Getting ready for the 1920s

As a costume designer, I love to do period shows.  And doing a show set in the 1920s is great.  There are just so many great things about this era.  The girls in their flapper dresses, rouged knees and cloche hats.  The boys with their sharp suits and spats.  This is a time when both men and women were experiencing freedom in what they wore and getting away from some of the formality of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

When working on a show, the first and most important step is doing the research.  This is how you get familiar with the time period you are working in and how you know that you are being true to the period in your design.  When designing costumes, it is so important to find the right clothes that will support the characters in the play and the world that the characters live in.  And doing research for this show was fun.  I hit the books, pulling great images and learning about the period.  I also used the internet to find more images and information.  And, there were a couple movies that helped out to.  Then, I sorted thru everything and decided what looks would best support the characters in Adding Machine.   And working with the director and other designers, developed a design for the show.  Now, to find everything that is needed, that is going to be fun.