Laughing in the Face of Uncertainty

As I often do, I give you a quote to start off this blog post:

The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.

– Mark Twain

It’s a tough world for not-for-profit enterprises as of late. An abysmal economic landscape paired with a city/state/country that seems to be more divided than it should be leaves a lot of companies swirling in the dust, becoming nothing but mere memories in the neurons of those who knew them when.

We here at Know Theatre refuse to lay down for any sort of fiscal speed-bump. Over the past weeks we’ve embarked on a very personal fundraising campaign geared towards alleviating the pressure of operating costs. What started as a mere phone and e-mail based money-raising endeavor has now escalated into something much more worthwhile: a bonding experience.

The decision was made to release a series of videos meant to enlighten the community to our monetary needs without placing a dark shadow over the entire situation. It’s one of our jobs as a live entertainment organization to provide folks with an excuse to laugh, and excuse to smile, an excuse to forget about the heavy troubles of the world – even if that weight is the very source of the humor. I feel like the DougScout campaign is doing just that.

I’ve arrived at a point where shooting and editing these videos is the highlight of my week. From the creative pow-wows had at staff meetings to the hilarious and – unfortunately – undocumented behind-the-scenes experiences while filming to the moments in front of the computer editing the videos where I burst out into laughter, my guffaws echoing off the dark and empty walls of 1120 Jackson Street.

It’s these moments (well, save the times I’m here alone – but even then I have the faces and voices of my on-camera co-workers to keep me company), these experiences working at Know Theatre that make any strife or hardship well worth it. It’s a chance to learn and grow as an artist as well as a human being. I wouldn’t trade any of my co-workers for the world and as much room as I feel Cincinnati has yet to grow, there’s not a lot I’d change about the people here, either. You’re the reason we do this. You’re the reason I do this.

Thank you.


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