Designing the Universe: A Wrinkle in Time

Okay, I know the show closed LAST YEAR, but I always meant to write a post on the design for A Wrinkle In Time. And then, well, I ran out of time.

So just a couple quick things. We’ll do it with Bullet Points to make it easier.

  • The floor treatment of the set was a star map adapted from The Stars: A New Way to See Them, a wonderful stargazing book by H. A. Rey (yes, the Curious George guy). Reading that book when very young is one of the things that really fed my early interest in astronomy/physics.
  • The inspiration for the rest of the set was drawn in part from 50’s and 60’s pulp-scifi covers. Big columns shifting in color that suggest wormholes, passages, etc., simple furniture with a paint-treatment that feels retro-futuristic.
  • The overhead projectors came in as a way to let the ensemble really define and control the space and the lighting. Visually they associate the show with another time as well as the feeling of being in a classroom with a scientist, a lecturer, somebody really smart. Cause one of the great things about A Wrinkle in Time: it celebrates knowledge, it celebrates learning, and we wanted to embrace that with a tool from our own childhoods that is used to present facts.
  • Megrez, Kitalpha, Caroli. They’re all real stars. They were also on the set.
  • Parsecs, megaparsecs: they’re real too, and so are the distances quoted in the script. There’s Science in that there text.
  • There was one constellation on the set’s star chart that I totally made up because the sky looked a little too empty over there. Did you notice?

It’s pretty cool that after four years at Know Theatre, I’ve gotten to use my science background on a number of shows. Last season, Boom engaged my general science-nerdiness, and now Wrinkle tapped into my astrophysics-specific side. Who knows what next season will bring….


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