Recording from the Booth

Earlier this year, the powers that be decided to record a new cast recording of Calculus: The Musical! Jae and I were so excited to be able to be a part of this new chapter of Calculus and do our part in continuing to affect thousands of students and teachers across the country. And do so with not only our voices but our accompaniment. What an honor and challenge to provide the instrumental tracks for a full length CD. Recording is such a different beast than live theatre, where every tiny mistake is amplified and demands another take. You must always be on the top of your game and live on the edge of perfection and flow. It’s so easy to over think and tense up while in the recording studio, knowing that you are only one chorus away from a perfect track. This feeling of pressure and excitement is a wonderful place to be for a musician, because it causes you to focus and perform with a mindset, that this recording may outlast you and dictate how you will be remembered musically.

Midway through our first day of recording, I learned that you really have to be able to laugh at yourself and not be so nervous of messing up, because even there is an error, you have to be able to shrug it off, hit the delete button and go for it again. In order for a recording to do justice to the musical, the performers have to give the music life and character even though you are confined in space and not free on a stage. Only this life and energy will cause audiences to listen over and over.

I hope that this new recording brings great joy and allows some people to rock out to Calculus in a way that never has been attempted before. We know that Calculus resides in hearts, but I think that this project is going to take Calculus to a place it has never been before, iPods and dance floors.


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