Oh the Places Know’ll Go

Not to sound like one of those hokey one liners from a fairy tale, but one of my dreams has come true…kind of. My voice is on a cast recording! Sure, it’s not a Broadway cast or even an original cast recording (that’s where the “kind of” part comes in), but it’s a cast recording. What is this cast recording I speak of? Don’t lie. I know you’re asking yourself this question right now. So here, I’ll tell you. It’s only the new super amazing all star cast recording of “Calculus: The Musical!” What?!

I got the email asking for participation in the project last November, and of course I jumped on it. For those of you who don’t know, I lived with this show on the road from Feb.-May of 2009. It holds a really special place in my heart not only because it allowed me to be multiple characters in the course of 50 minutes and let me take the best road trip of my life thus far, but mostly because of the amazing response this show gets from high school students all over the country. And, let’s be honest, these songs are just plain fun to sing.

Going into the process, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I have never been in a recording studio other than to visit my voice instructor, and in the version of the show I was a part of, my role wasn’t really the “singing” role; it was more of the instrumentation/acting role. I honestly didn’t think I was going to get much singing material thrown my way…but I did! I don’t want to give away any juicy details, but not only did I get to belt my face off on my absolute favorite song in the show, but I also got to lay down some vocals on a bonus track that isn’t in the show. What song, you ask? Well, you’re going to have to listen to the recording to find that one out!

My favorite moment during my recording session, besides the new track and the belting my face off like a 21st century Janice Joplin for “Under the Curve,” was being able to back myself up on another one of my show favorites, “L’Hopital.” At first, this concept really freaked me out. I hate hearing myself sing, not because of my vocal ability, but because of self criticism. I always have that little voice in my head telling me a vowel placement could have been better, or that a single  note in a phrase should have had a brighter quality. You know the voice I’m talking about; we all have one for some reason. So when I was told the background track I just laid down was going to be streamed into my headphones so I could more easily lay down the lead vocal track…I’m not gonna lie, I had a one second long panic attack. Literally one second…I know. I timed it. But the second the track started, the panic was gone and I experienced the most surreal moment I’ve had in quite some time.   I was singing a duet with myself.  And the sound designer made my recorded voice sound good!  Never in my life did I think I would be able to say those words.  It was in that moment that I really realized what it was that I was becoming a part of.  Soon, my voice will forever be a part of an amazing educational tool, and I know it’s going to sound good!  If I got chills just from hearing my own voice being played back to me, I can’t wait to hear all of my other friends on the album and for all of the people around the country who already know and love this show to get a chance to hear this amazing collaboration full of new takes on “old favorites” and a brand new song thrown into the mix.

I have yet to hear any other vocal tracks other than my own, so even I don’t know what the finished product is going to sound like.  All I know is with the list of people who contributed to this recording, it’s going to be a great finished product.  The thing I’m most curious about is hearing all of our voices together.  I was all alone in my recording session, so it’s going to be a treat for my ears to hear a track with all of these other voices that were recorded at different times all mixed together to create a great song.  You know there will be more from me when that epic day arrives!  But until then…




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