The Little Isaac Chronicles: Second Semester

Our audiences can smell summer vacation, but before they get to lay out in the sun or play video games, they have a little thing called the AP test to get through. It’s a drastic change from where our high school students were two months ago in their understanding of Calculus. Every show more and more people are understanding and reacting to the math jokes with more ease. No longer is there a delay where the audience is getting a joke after the fact, they are becoming more familiar with the material. I love talking with the audience after the shows, and finding students who are so excited that we have shown them a musical that is meant for them.

In the last week I’ve met three students in particular, who have been so eager to thank us for coming, all three of them were quite a bit younger than their peers. The youngest was in the 8th grade and I could tell that this student may not always be accepted for his intellect and love of calculus. It’s so exciting to provide an alternate expression for their passion, and open up eyes to a whole other medium. We are ready for the rest of this busy and fast semester, and hope to spread the love of Calculus to hearts all across the country.


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