Festival of Lights

I went to the Zoo last night thanks to cast members Dylan and Annie. Dylan directed the Madcap’s puppet show there and I highly recommend everyone to go see it. It is a black-light puppet show with a  holiday flare. Not overtly holiday, more winterized. I was really amazed how much the puppeteers disappeared. Also I have been obsessed with black-lights lately, anyone on the production staff at The Know can tell you that. I really enjoyed myself. There were parts we skimmed over and some parts we sat and stared at for just a little too long. Oddly the vampire bats was one of the spots that we sat and stared at for way too long, those little bastards freak me out. The other place we sat at for a very long time was the elephants. Lots of people would just stand there and watch the elephants.

“What does this have to do with your show Jason?” Wait for it.

As I stood there staring at the elephants eat I kept noticing each little thing that makes an elephant weird. It’s not just their trunks it is everything. The inside of their mouths are just pink and folds everywhere. Weird. Then it happened, a group of people who have nothing in common, and before this moment had nothing to say to each other all started laughing and talking. You probably have already guessed why, the elephant started pooping. Oh my the fun this group of people had together. This group of people who doesn’t know each other at all were suddenly looking each other in the eye and talking about what they had just seen and continuing to make each other laugh.

That brings me to my point. Theater can do the same thing. When people leave “Sideways Stories from Wayside School” I hope they are smiling, they are talking to someone they hadn’t met until that night. Most importantly I hope the parents and the children are laughing together.


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