Thank goodness for…

Hey, Sadie here. I will try not to divulge TOO much personal information on this professional blog, but you guys. Seriously. A key biographical fact in the persona of this particular Education Manager is that I love grocery shopping more than almost any other possible activity. I love thinking about food, I love looking at food, I love selecting food, purchasing food, preparing food and eating food. Thus, imagine my delight when, as kind of a surprise workday windfall, I somehow found myself at an area mega supermarket with my area mega boss, MD Eric.

Our task was simple. We were shopping for provisions for the impending end of the world.

We were actually shopping for set dressing for the impending opening of “Boom.” The assignment was to find and purchase food that would last a long time, would appeal to graduate student sensibilities, was in quantities large enough to support the first few years of the planet’s repopulation, and, hopefully, was funny. What food(like) item meets all of those criteria? Pretty much one thing and one thing only–Beefaroni.

Beefaroni!Just say the word. You know it’s hilarious.

In attempt to comply with the set’s measurements we had to carefully calculate quantities of Beefaroni, so here is Eric in a completely unstaged photo, measuring Beefaroni against the floor tiles in the Beefaroni aisle. I believe we ended up with about 12 cans of Beefaroni; industrial size.  Because the only thing funnier than Beefaroni is really big Beefaroni.

We checked out with Beefaroni, Cheerios, Ramen noodles, Beefaroni, saltine crackers, Beefaroni and I think that’s it. I am personally looking forward to busting into those boxes of Cheerios when the day comes that we have to strike the set. Not the Beefaroni though; I think even if the world ended and it was all that was left I couldn’t eat Beefaroni–that stuff is disgusting.



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