The Little Isaac Chronicles: The tour begins

So it’s official! The 2009-10 tour of Calculus:  The Musical, has commenced. So far we have performed at the University of Pittsburgh and the Penn State campus in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and are currently preparing for our third show at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte North Carolina. I am absolutely loving tour
life. It seems like every day brings a new adventure and can I say that the drives we have experienced so far are completely breathtaking, especially during the fall season.

As I mentioned before, our first show was in Pittsburgh at the University of Pittsburgh. We left early on October 8th and arrived in Pittsburgh about an hour before our show started. After we checked into our hotel, we decided to head on over to the school. Can I say, I’ve never seen worse traffic in my life?? I was so panicked we wouldn’t make the show and so thankful that we left early, however we arrived on time, dropped off our equipment and Sean left to find a parking place. After we set up, it was show time! The show went great, but what was really amazing was our audience. They were a mix of freshmen math students and area high school students, we even had an AP English class come to fulfill part of their curriculum requirements. From the very beginning of the show they were wired and their energy was completely contagious.

Actually at both of our shows, after the final note is sung, the room erupts into this cacophony of people explaining to their friends their favorite parts and reliving the show. I love to hear when people quote the show right after the epilogue. As an actor, I never thought I would be performing a show about math. But it has really opened my
eyes to all the different audience types out there. Before this tour, I never envisioned a math loving theatre goer. But really the essence of theatre is telling a compelling story. Storytelling brings people of all backgrounds together, so why wouldn’t a story about Issac Newton and his struggles to create a new kind of math be interesting? I love how this musical changes people. Several audience members have come up after the show to express their likes and loves about the show. But I think the experience that was most exciting and surprising for me, is when a professor at Penn State actually came up after the show and hugged me because he enjoyed the show so much. A math inspired hug???!!!!!!  Amazing!!! I love the fact that this musical not only excites people about their passions but also brings joy.  Go Math!


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