National tour hits the road in the morning!

Well. Hi. I didn’t expect to see you there.

Have I yet had the opportunity to introduce you to the cast of the 2009-10 NATIONAL TOUR of “Calculus: The Musical!” I haven’t? Well excuse me. Like I said, I didn’t expect to see you there.

Lemme back up a sec. WE’RE DOING A NATIONAL TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, last year’s innaugural, first-ever-for-Know-Theatre-of-Cincinnati national tour was, well, if you don’t mind my saying so (and I hope you don’t), pretty freakin’ awesome and successful. So we’re doing another one. YES! We reached over 12,000 students in 19 states last year. 12,000 students, you guys.  Now, I will make this brief, but let me just throw in a mention, as Education Manager here at Know Theatre, of how amazingly powerful I believe live theatre to be when it comes to making a positive impact on individual lives. There’s lots of backstory with me and this particular show (it, basically, being my own personal flesh-and-blood child and all, but that’s another blog post–suffice it to say that you should know I’m biased as all parents are and think my kid is pretty cute even when it squalls and pukes–oh, and I yell bad things at it when its songs get stuck in my head and that’s why I don’t actually have human kids), but I am MOVED and HUMBLED to continually receive reports from teachers, students, and other individuals who have stories of how much this piece has impacted their perspective, their confidence, and their enjoyment–even, dare I say–LOVE of mathematics. Knowing that this theatre has given that experience to over 12,000 individuals in a single year is, well, immensely rewarding.

It is with that precedent that I am thrilled, excited and just downright tickled to send off into the world tomorrow morning, with promises of creating an even brighter day-after-tomorrow for thousands more high school students this year, our new cast. Ms. Jae Boley and Mr. Sean Powell come to us from Missouri, where they sooo conveniently just happened to have already met, fell in love with each other, and got married (oooooo-oooooh). So they get to spend the next eight months touring the country together and we all wish them every ounce of good luck they can pack into the Hyundai Sana Fe we have received as a generous donation courtesy of US Bank (THANK YOU SO MUCH, US BANK!).

I was going to upload some funny pictures of Jae trying to climb into a tree from a parked car with some funny stories about our film shoot in Ault Park (three deer walked through our set, I had to do some friendly vandalism of park property [WHICH I PUT BACK THE WAY IT WAS], we had to chase hats across a field because it was so windy, and, of course, because Eric couldn’t come we had no tall people to help poor Jae up into the tree),  but I’m really tired, you guys, and frankly I don’t think I remember how my camera works. So conjure up an image in your mind of two dynamically talented, charming young people who are about to have a grand adventure while making a positive impact on the world, and you’ll get the idea. That’s how we roll.


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