Minnesota Fringe Day Two

Today I found myself on stage courtesy of Hogg and the Humors.   I was the special guest on their “talk show”.  Then I was suckered into a short improv and a reading of a fantastically awful script about teen angst and Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”.

After that I was going to try to get to a show that I thought Jeff Syroney would approve of…but rush hour traffic delayed me and created an opportunity to just hang out at Fringe Central for a bit.

Having not planned ahead for today, I devised the following schedule for the rest of the day:

Phi Alpha Gamma by Cincinnati Fringe favorite and alum Dan Bernitt.  What a great show. Dan has been a Cincy Fringe staple for four years or so creating, designing, managing our website and our Guide.  He’s also been in a number of shows, most recently with Les Kurkendaal in The Gayer Show:  66 Years of Faggotry, which is also performing here in Minneapolis.

After that,  I had designs on one show, but when I saw the crowd gathering for the next show at Mixed Blood after Dan’s show, I decided to stick around and see An Intimate Evening with Fotis Part III and I’m glad I did.  I’d heard about him for a while actually from Sadie, Marc, Brant, and others.  He’s a Minneapolis celeb and as I tweeted earlier, he’s worth the hype.  His show takes on a bit of a Hunter S. Thompson feel with him reading from a binder while accompanied the entire time by an adept stand up bassist.  His writing reminds me a bit of David Sedaris with more aggression and anger toward…well toward everyone.  Neurotic aggression is funny.

Finally, I accompanied my host, Brant and a few others (you’ll always find a few others where you find Brant), went to see Unaccompanied Duet with Houseplant.  It’s as strange as it sounds. As a piece of physical theatre, it was delightful.  The abstract structure of the show took a little time to get into but once you were with him, it was a fun ride.

The day ended, as usual, at the Bedlam.  A good day of Fringing and I’m excited about tomorrow’s line up.

Talk to you soon,

-MD Eric

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