#mnfringe day one

At 4 pm today I was in the airport.

At 5:15 pm today I was sitting in a theatre watching Rumspringa: The Musical.

At 6:50 pm I was in another theatre seeing The Traveling Musicians.

At 8:55 pm I was in a third theatre watching Squwak.

A pretty good day overall.  At the moment I am sitting in the rooftop lounge of Fringe Central, the Bedlam Theatre. It’s a beautiful night out.

The shows were solid.  Brant Miller from Four Humors Theatre (known at the Cincinnati Fringe for their shows Mortem Capiendum (2008) and April Fools (2009) is in The Traveling Musicians.  The show is loosely based on the Grimm Tale of the Bremen Town Musicians.

I’m a bit exhausted by the days events and I’m cashing in my chips for the day.

Cheers to Robin Gillette (Executive Director of the Minnesota Fringe) for her ridiculous hospitality and kindness.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

See you soon,

MD Eric

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