The road to Minneapolis

Tomorrow I leave for Minneapolis to visit the largest Fringe Festival in the country, aptly named the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  They’re so awesome their website address is simply  I mean, come on.

To put their sheer size into perspective:

-The Cincinnati Fringe featured 31 shows.  The Minnesota Fringe has 162 shows

-The Cincinnati Fringe featured 151 performances.  The Minnesota Fringe has over 800 performances.

-The Cincinnati Fringe was hosted in 12 venues.  The Minnesota Fringe is hosted in 22 venues.

-The Cincinnati Fringe issued approximately 6800 tickets.  The Minnesota Fringe will issue in excess of 40,000 tickets.

I suspect these impressive numbers are only the start and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me.  I’ll be Tweeting about my trip and posting the occasional blog here.  You can follow me at either @cincyfringe, or @ecivilvos.

Talk to you soon!

MD Eric

PS.  Did I mention I’ve never actually been to another Fringe Festival before?

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2 thoughts on “The road to Minneapolis

  1. Melissa Benton says:

    Hi Eric – Anthony Darnell’s mom here – I love the new look of the email notice! Have a great time in Minnesota and bring back lots of ideas for Cincy Fringe. Call up the Satori Group in Seattle and encourage a return to the Know soon! I miss traveling to Cincy, the Know and Over the Rhine.

  2. mderic says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the note and the kind words about the email blast. That was Alexandra’s choice and I like it too.

    I tried my darndest this year, but I was not convincing enough. Perhaps if I had some embarrassing childhood pictures of Anthony, it would help. 🙂 Hope to you see you soon….just stay away from my vacuum cleaners.

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